Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow: Has His Real Name Been Revealed? (SPOILERS)

A leaked image on Reddit could have possibly revealed the true name of Game of Thrones’ iconic character, Jon Snow. The image comes from next month’s issue of Empire Magazine and was posted by Redditor theshivsharma. The post seemingly outs the character’s true identity, alongside some other very pressing information regarding the show’s story.

Jon Snow

The image is paired with an interview with Isaac Hemptstead Wright, the actor that plays Bran in the series. In the magazine’s brief caption, the image reads: “As we saw in the last episode of season 6, Bran’s psychic time-traveling ‘green sight’ revealed the true nature of Jon’s birth heritage and his real name: Jaehaerys Targaryen.”

This is a big deal for the show, which could prove many fan theories that Jon truly is a Targaryen. If this proves to be the case, then it may be proved that he is The Prince That Was Promised, and become a major part in changing the outcome of the show’s story in the long run. With Hempstead Wright’s character holding onto such a big secret, there truly is no telling what can happen in the final season of this long popular series. With Bran’s psychic abilities, Hempstead Wright also revealed that he knows the origins of the White Walkers as well, which could also play a major role in the outcome of the story. This is all some major information that fans will have to hold onto in the coming episodes of the series. Could this reveal a major plot in Jon Snow’s destiny? Fans will have to wait to find out!

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