Indie Devs Begin Removing Games From Steam After Valve Remains Silent On Black Lives Matter

Indie devs remove games Steam Valve silence Black Lives Matter

Companies galore have been coming out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, whether performative or otherwise, while some have remained silent on the issue. One such company is Valve, who has yet to take any sort of action or even acknowledge what is going on in the world right now. Due to their silence, however, indie developers have begun removing their games from Steam.

Indie developer Julian Glander recently tweeted a screenshot of their request to have their titles Art Sqool and Lovely Weather We’re Having removed from Steam. The reason behind the request is because of Valve’s continued silence on racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. “Over the past few weeks, Steam and Valve have chosen not to address the Black Lives Matter movement, failing to make even a broad and generic statement about racial justice,” Glander said.

“It’s clearer than ever that the owners of this platform feel beholden to a base of angry white male gamers,” the indie dev continued. “This makes me especially sad because I feel that some of these people are the people who most need to hear the message of Black Lives Matter. Obviously, as a company, you guys do whatever you want but I find having my games associated with the Steam platform to be embarrassing and a little nauseating.”

As for the response to Glander’s tweet, let’s just say that it only helped prove the indie dev right. Other devs have also begun pulling their games from Steam over Valve’s silence on Black Lives Matter. While they have yet to address the situation, it has been revealed (via that they “pledged to be a big sponsor of the Game Devs of Color Expo” as well as provided support for the Black Voices in gaming event.

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