Hideo Kojima Opens Up About A Possible Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima Opens Up About A Possible Death Stranding Sequel

Whether you like it or hate it, Death Stranding has already left an impressive mark on the world thanks to the brilliant mind of Hideo Kojima. While many players have barely scratched the surface of the title on PS4 and have yet to complete the game, others have already begun to wonder whether or not Kojima Productions would ever consider creating a sequel. Thankfully, it appears that a sequel is in fact a possibility, though the dev studio would certainly have its work cut out for it if it were to pursue one.

Speaking to Vulture in a recent interview, Hideo Kojima gave his thoughts on working once again with Norman Reedus, potentially on a Death Stranding sequel. According to Kojima, the developer would love to work with Norman Reedus again, though if it involved a Death Stranding sequel he revealed that he “would start from zero.” What this actually means is unknown, though it certainly seems as if he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a future sequel.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hideo Kojima spoke about how the movie Taxi Driver changed his perspective of Americans, and how it drove him to base Death Stranding around the theme of connections. “Travis [Bickle] was the same as me in a way. I’m Japanese; I thought every American guy never even felt solitude. So this was new to me. When I saw Taxi Driver, I was surprised but I empathized. I felt relieved,” Kojima said. “That’s why I added this indirect online connection in the game — so that people will feel it’s alright, it’s okay. You’re relieved that you’re not alone. You see other people’s footprints and think it’s not just me here.”

Death Stranding is now available for PlayStation 4, with a PC version slated to release at some point next year.

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