Halo Infinite Devs Considered Releasing In Parts Before Delay (VIDEO)

Halo Infinite Master Chief Armor

For the last few weeks, Microsoft has been positioning the release of Halo Infinite as the anticipated kickoff of the Xbox Series X, with the action-packed shooter boasting updated a vast open world, updated visuals, as well as a lengthy rollout plan spanning the next ten years. However, fans were recently met with the shocking news that the new Master Chief title has been significantly delayed and wouldn’t be ready in time for the console’s intended launch in November. While postponing the launch would seem to be the most sensible option available, it appears developer 343 Industries considered going in a slightly more drastic direction.

Such information was recently revealed by Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, who “sat down” for a virtual interview inside Animal Crossing-themed talk show, Animal Talking. Among a myriad of topics, he addressed the decision to delay Halo Infinite and revealed that several other options were considered before the inevitable call was made. Spencer recalled a specific strategy that he, 343’s Bonnie Ross, and Xbox’s Matt Booty discussed which would see the game released in “parts,” rather than a fully assembled game. However, the three realized that this wouldn’t “feel like the Halo release” that they, or fans, would ultimately want.

So, in the end, I make the call based on the information that they present. I make a call, like I said, with hopefully the best intent in the long run for our fans and our platform.”

Though delaying a hugely-anticipated title like Halo Infinite surely makes for a bummer of a day, Spencer affirmed that it was necessary to ensure a quality product and maintain clarity with fans in the Halo community as well as marketing and business partners.”When you’re shipping a game like Halo, It’s not just a solo release,” he explained. “We have a lot of marketing partners and promotions that are out there and you want to be respectful of your partners and [give] them a heads up so that they can plan their timelines for things that they’re doing in conjunction with the launch of the game.”

Let’s put it out so we’re talking to our fans directly. Be as transparent as we can be. It’ll be not-our-favorite day, but we’ll get through it.”

While this would effectively ruin the game’s prospects as an Xbox Series X launch title, Spencer suggested the decision was ultimately the best one for Halo, Xbox, as well as the fans. The Xbox head revealed that the Halo Infinite delay announcement happened only 24 hours after the final decision was made, something he admitted many other companies might be apprehensive about. “Let’s just get it out there and deal with it because people are making life decisions on platforms they’re going to buy,” Phil added. “I guess somebody else would have waited to announce it, but when we knew, …I said, ‘let’s put it up. It’s not a lot of fanfare. Let’s just move through it.'”

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021.

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