New Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer Shows 20 Minutes Of Single-Player Campaign (VIDEO)

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Ghost Recon Wildlands takes you into the Bolivian jungle with a team of four special ops members taking on the Santa Blanca Cartel. The game is designed with multiplayer in mind, but there will be a single player mode too, and now we get a look at it with the new trailer that shows a whopping 20 minutes of gameplay for the single player campaign.

Ubisoft is making this game huge, showing off their largest open-world map so far. In the single player campaign, players will control one of the four team members, giving orders to the other three. It has a little bit of a Far Cry feel to it, but the squadmates and team element opens up the possibilities within the game. Order your squaddies to rally at specific locations, hold positions, defend someone, or even synchronize your shots, allowing you to kill multiple targets at the same time as you all open up on separate targets – a good way of getting the drop on your enemies.

The trailer shows off a kidnapping mission, which seems to go rather smoothly. It shows off just some of what will be possible in the game. Lead game designer Dominic Butler acts as the narrator, and explains that the video is recorded on normal difficulty, going on to warn that the highest level of difficulty can result in the player dying to a single shot. As you can see, the player gets hurt pretty bad in the video, so it will be interesting to see what would happen on a harder difficulty.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is scheduled for release on March 7 and you can sign up for the beta here. Are you excited for the new game? What are you looking forward to most? Does the single player interest you at all? Sound off in the comments section below and tell us your thoughts.

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