‘Gearsmas’ and New Maps are Coming to Gears of War 4 (VIDEO)

Gears of War 4

To get in the holiday spirit of giving, Microsoft announced that Gears of War 4 (GoW4) is getting a Santa sack full of new content. New features, maps, the returning holiday event “Gearsmas,” as well as a discount for those that have yet to pick up the brutal sci-fi shooter.

The second major update for GoW4 will be rolling out on December 6. Two new multiplayer maps are moving into the rotation. The first of these maps is Speyer. Microsoft Studios’ description of Speyer is as follows:

Evacuated long ago, this lonely district of Speyer is a still image of pre-Locust War life. The battle for the sanctuary is a close quarters affair, but teams looking to control the sprawling academy will need to do so together. Speyer’s opulent interiors and quaint plazas are best suited to longer range engagements.

The second map coming in December, named Glory, is described as;

A monument of military might, this COG battery was used only against the most strategic targets to maintain its secrecy. The defensibility of this fortress can be used to your advantage if captured, which includes a powerful mounted turret that can suppress the courtyard below.

Speyer and Glory will be added to the public playlist on December 13, which will kick the maps Gridlock and relic from the rotation. Season Pass holders will be able to hold onto the maps moving from rotation as well as receiving bonus XP (Experience Points) and Credits. Non Season Pass holders will have to purchase the maps separately if they wish to keep them.

Microsoft Studios has been listening to the GoW4 fans and have included some highly requested fixes and improvements with the new update. Some of the updates you can look forward to are:

  • A Daily Rewards system
  • Improved visual feedback for damage dealt with the Gnasher
  • Vertical Split-Screen for Windows 10 players
  • Improvements to footstep audio balance, audio/video settings

In addition to the update, the holiday event known as “Gearsmas” will be coming up later in the month. Players will be able to earn holiday themed content including new character heads and a “new Special Event featuring a wintery twist on a classic Gears of War weapon.” More info on Gearsmas will be released as we approach the event.

Gearsmas 14

To top off their holiday spirit, Microsoft Studios is offering gamers a 33% discount that is available now through December 28. Gears of War 4 is available for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. The game is part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere format, which means if you buy the game digitally on Xbox One, you can download and play the same game free on your Windows 10 PC and vise-versa.

What do you think of the upcoming update? Are you excited for Gearsmas? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned with DFTG for all of your gaming news.

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