Gears 5 Smart Delivery Will Give Xbox One Players A Free Series X Upgrade

While the recent coronavirus outbreak may adjust the timing of the release for the next generation of video game consoles, the devices are surely coming in the near future. Microsoft has strived to make their next gen device, the Xbox Series X, as competitive as possible. One such method they are attempting this with is their Smart Delivery program, which allows those who own the Xbox One version of a game like Cyberpunk 2077 to upgrade to the Xbox Series X version for free. Now, it appears that a Gears 5 Smart Delivery deal will also be available after the console’s launch.

Gears 5 Cover Art Leak

Eurogamer recently reported on much new information learned from Microsoft regarding the Xbox Series X. One source that Eurogamer speaks to is The Coalition’s technical director Mike Raynor, who worked on Gears 5. It seems that Raynor and The Coalition team were excited to take advantage of the raytracing abilities of the Xbox Series X to bring Gears 5 to the new generation. As Raynor states:

We have some compute-based ray tracing in Gears 5, we have ray traced shadows and the [new] screen-space global illumination is a form of ray traced screen-based GI and so, we’re interested in how the ray tracing hardware can be used to take techniques like this and then move them out to utilising the DXR cores”

Raynor also confirms that Gears 5 on Xbox Series X will qualify for the Smart Delivery program. This means that anyone that owns the Xbox One version of the game that links their account to their Xbox Series X will receive the opportunity to upgrade to the Series X version of the game for free. This is quite the deal for Gears 5 players, and hopefully such a popular Xbox One title introduces many players to the lancer-like cutting edge of the Xbox Series X.

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