10 Gaming Gift Ideas On Sale Now For A Limited Time, Just ‘Cause

Holiday season may be over but that doesn’t mean the spirit of giving has to be. Besides, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and birthdays are always a thing (we hope). Whether you’re buying for yourself for for the beloved gamer in your life, here are a few spiffy gift ides to make any geek’s day.

d20 Polyhedral Dice Ring – On Sale for $29.99

“Celebrate the stochastic wonder that is the d20 with this ring. Made from mithril stainless steel, this ring lets you declare your tabletop fandom without drilling a hole in or mounting any of your favorite dice. It’s a serious statement piece. We think it’s unisex, but it’s clearly race-specific – definitely meant for humans. Imagine a Halfling trying to keep this on his or her finger. Oy. So, sorry Halflings.”

Order here.

Street Fighter Ryu Collector’s Statue – On Sale for $49.99

“10-inch tall statue of Ryu features the iconic fighter, sculpted in full detail with enormous muscles rippling with power as he launches a powerful Hadouken attack. Both the Hadouken burst and the base light up with USB-powered LED lights. Select your player: Classic Ryu, Evil Ryu, or the ThinkGeek-exclusive gray version. Each one is limited-edition, with a hand-numbered base. Or, get all three and set them up for an epic Ryu vs Ryu vs Ryu fight on the street of your choice. HADOUKEN!”

Order here.

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank – On Sale for $24.99

“Pikachu says up to 200 different phrases and sounds, which you can turn off with a convenient switch on the bottom if it all gets to be a bit too much. Sometimes when pets or little kids get a hold of itazura banks it can get a little crazy! And you can easily empty the bank using a little coin release door on the base. No matter what, Pikachu’s happy to help keep the contents of this bank secure and safe from Team Rocket.

Order here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Board Game – On sale for $24.99

“We like to pretend we’re Buffy from time to time. We mean, we can do without pining over Angel or any of the other slayer drama she had to deal with, but that actual act of kicking some vampire butt is pretty cool. We aren’t very good at fighting, it’s more just… flailing, but if a board game is going to get us even just a half step closer to realizing our goal, then sign us up!

Keep the vampires at bay with the help of your friends in this co-operative board game. Choose between some of your favorite characters – like Spike, or Spike, or maybe even Spike! Okay, and Buffy and some of her other friends as well. But also Spike! (Did we mention Spike?)”

Order here.

Mass Effect N7 Ladies’ Hoodie – On Sale for $19.99

“Meet the Mass Effect N7 Long Vinyl Ladies’ Cowl Hoodie. The main feature of this pullover is its oversized fleece cowl neck with a drawstring that can also function as a hood for environmental protection. It has vinyl on the sleeve cuffs and details, and thumb cuffs on the palms, which are ribbed. The waist is an extra-long 6″ ribbed waist that’s super-flattering and unique. And, of course, it has the Armor Stripe inset down the right sleeve, the N7 logo embroidered on the chest, and an N7 label on the left hip.”

Order here.

Captain America Canvas Bag – On Sale for $39.99

“Carry important messages, secret codes, sustaining rations, or just your everyday essentials in this Captain America Canvas Crossbody Bag. It’s denim-colored with all sorts of great details: weathered stencils and patches, rivets, and straps that look just like leather. It looks like a messenger bag you might get issued in the service, only upon closer inspection it celebrates Captain America and the Avengers. So whether you’re headed out about town or swooping in to the front lines, you’ll know that you have Cap’s support, because you’ve shown him that he has yours.”

Order here.

Fallout Chess Set – On Sale for $39.99

“With pieces made of PVC, the Fallout Chess set features iconic characters – both good and bad. The board comes in an exclusive Pip-Boy style, with pieces to match. Take over the wasteland one pawn at a time… or raider/vault dweller as the situation calls for. Sorry, VATs are considered cheating.”

Order here.

BioShock Big Daddy Plush – On Sale for $29.99

“An adorable, lumbering palooka in a diving suit for your own unwashed moppet! Huggable and lovable, you’ll want to drag this doll version of the genetically-enhanced protector all over Rapture. We’d call him a “deformed plush,” but if you take something deformed like the Big Daddy and deform it again to be a little cutie, what do you call it then? “Daddy!””

Order here.

Dragon Ball Z 7 Piece Dragon Ball Set – On Sale for $54.99

“Pick up a few replicas of the Dragon Balls from one of your favorite anime. Display them proudly and let everyone think you risked life and limb just to collect them, when all you really did was buy them online. Shh, no one has to know the truth. Please do not try and wish back Krillin and Yamcha, k?”

Order here.

Potion Bottle Bubble String Lights – On Sale for $14.99

“It’s chemistry in action! When they’re all bubbling, they remind us of something you might see in a mad scientist’s lab. And then we thought, “Wait. It’s also like magic.” Can’t you see some sorcerer or wizard busily brewing a new potion to sell to foolhardy adventurers? So we decided to put our own spin on these by creating our own version with seven little potion bottles bubbling away, perfect for the aspiring magic user.

As with any magical substance, keep these away from pets and small children. Instructions for neutralizing methylene chloride spills are included in case one breaks. The amount of chemical in one bulb is small (specifically 0.09 fl. oz. – not enough to cause serious poisoning), but do not take chemistry lightly.”

Order here.

All of the above items come courtesy of ThinkGeek and are on sale for a limited time only! Act soon, or you you could be scooping up this epic loot at the much higher original retail price. Heads up that if you do order one of the above products, DFTG might earn a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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