Last Guardian Creator Fumito Ueda Hints at His New Project

Fumito Ueda

Fumito Ueda lays claim to some pretty stand out titles since he began developing games. His work on Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, and The Last Guardian has gained a devoted following. The latter of the three, known for its seven and a half year development time, may make fans wonder if this new title will be similar.

Fumito Ueda explained in a recent interview that The Last Guardian encountered a multitude of problems that set the game back for so long. This may not be the case with his new game, as the creator intends to take a new approach not only in development, but also in execution.

The creation process this time around will be very different according to Fumito Ueda, with his usual short film being replaced with an initial prototype. While he acknowledges that similarities may arise, as it seems all of his games present similarities, it is his approach that will vary and may increase the development time. Here is what he had to say about it:

The last three games we created I didn’t intend to be very similar to each other. When I start to create a game, always I think we will create something different. But the result was that in the three games there are some similarities. There’s a moment when one game links with another, but I didn’t put it in at the start, it happens in the process. So now, I think I’m creating something very different, but the end result? I can’t say.”

The interview went on to discuss the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, coming to PS4. According to Fumito Ueda, a list of changes has been submitted to Sony, which could mean new content for the 2018 release from Bluepoint Games. While little was given about what this new game could mean, it sounds like fans can expect a much earlier release date.

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