Fortnite Welcomes Master Chief As The Latest Gaming Legend (VIDEO)

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Fortnite introduced a new series of skins to bring some of the greatest gaming legends to grace the history of games. The first to inaugurate the series was Kratos from the God of War franchise, who was revealed earlier this month. Now, another legend joins the fight. Hailing from the long-standing Halo series, Epic Games welcomes Master Chief. Check out the reveal trailer below:

The Master Chief set is available now in the Fortnite item shop. Players can purchase the outfit individually or purchase the bundle to get all the goods that come with a legendary super soldier. You might not be destroying Covenant ships or Sacred Rings in Fortnite, but you’ll look damn cool when you’re the last one standing at the end of a match.

According to Epic Games, “In battle, make your landing with the UNSC Pelican Glider, a miniature Pelican carrier. And cover your back with the Battle Legend Back Bling, a holographic Elite skull which serves as a trophy of the Chief’s exploits. Also, when harvesting, batter like a Brute with the Gravity Hammer Pickaxe. You may have driven a car or a Motorboat on the Island, but probably not a Warthog. With the traversal Lil’ Warthog Emote, take a mini-M12 Force Application Vehicle for an off-road or on-road drive.”

Those playing on the Xbox Series X or S, after purchasing the Master Chief outfit then playing a match will receive a matte black style as a “memento of his Xbox history.”

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