WATCH: The Forest Coming To PS4, New Trailer Revealed (Dammit, Timmy!)

PC players have been able to answer the question of ‘how long can you survive on an island surrounding by mutants’ for awhile now, but now PlayStation 4 fans can try their hand! This year’s PlayStation Experience confirmed that the popular survival game The Forest will be officially launching on the Sony platform in 2018. Check out the newest trailer in the video below to see what you have to look forward to (or in my case, scream to):

The Forest is a survival horror game for PC that will eventually make you loathe the name Timmy. As a lone survivor that survived a plane crash, players will find themselves stranded (alone or with friends, the multiplayer aspect is fantastic) while they try to survive the hordes of enemies, including aggressive cannibalistic mutants. Players must learn to craft, build, and explore their way to survival – all while trying to find their missing son (dammit, Timmy). The game in itself has a terrifying edge to it. Thanks to the new update, it just got scarier and a little bit more difficult.

Though the PC version has come a long way since it hit Early Access, the official reveal of the PlayStation 4 counterpart is a good sign that the final game might be ready soon! The Alpha first launched back in 2014, making a huge timeline of a playable unfinished product. With a 2018 window slated for the mutant title, there may be hope yet for those that have been faithfully playing the game until this point!

What do you think about the latest The Forest trailer? What other huge announcements have you excited? Sound off with your thoughts on all things survival in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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