Massive Final Fantasy VII Leak Reveals Combat Details, Character Changes, And More

Massive Final Fantasy VII Leak Reveals Combat Details, Character Changes, And More

It has been a long and arduous wait for new Final Fantasy VII Remake footage, with Square Enix finally delivering in glorious fashion at the tail end of Sony’s recent State of Play stream. The momentum will certainly continue into the near future, as game director Tetsuya Nomura has teased that there is “more to come” next month, likely just prior to E3 2019. Now, it appears that the Cait Sith has been let out of the bag a bit early, as a massive new Final Fantasy VII Remake leak has seemingly revealed loads of new info on the game’s combat system, character changes, world map info, and more.

The leak in question comes by way of a post on Reddit from someone claiming to be from the Square Enix branch located in El Segundo, California. The original post was deleted soon after it made its way onto the site, but not before other Redditors pulled and reposted the information. The batch of Final Fantasy VII Remake information that was leaked chiefly focuses on part 1 of the multi-part game, though much of what is revealed below will likely carry over as the story continues. As there is a lot of info, it will be separated into different sections.

Massive Final Fantasy VII Leak Reveals Combat Details, Character Changes, And More

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Multi-part release

As we’ve known for quite some time, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be releasing in multiple parts. According to the Redditor, the game will be split up into only two parts, with part 1 ending “exactly as Aerith is let down into the water after her death and a fade to black.” It was also noted that each part of the game will cost $59.99, which meshes with previous statements by the developer that each part is not unlike what was done with the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Combat System, Summons

The leak also discusses different aspects of the combat system within the Final Fantasy VII Remake, stating that each individual weapon will have their own “heavy hits” that will in essence be used as heavy damage dealing finishing moves after chipping away at enemies with normal chaining attacks. Some of the examples given include the Punisher attack for the Buster Sword, while the Rune Blade will have Cleave. The named moves will not consume an ATB charge, though using Limit Breaks and magic will, with the latter also consuming MP.

Summons within the Final Fantasy VII Remake are said to work a lot like they do in the original, with a cutscene playing followed by damage being dealt, depending on which summon is used. There will also reportedly be a new summon, Amarok, who appears as a wolf and deals damage and inflicts the darkness (blind) status effect.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Materia

This is some particularly exciting news, if the leak turns out to be a valid one. According to the post, materia will be visible on almost all equippable weapons, including Tifa’s gloves. That said, any equipped accessories will not affect character models, and materia does not appear on armor. Additionally, equipped weapons will also display on character models in and out of combat, so here’s hoping (or not) that Cloud’s Ultima Weapon will feature more muted colors than how it normally looks.

Massive Final Fantasy VII Leak Reveals Combat Details, Character Changes, And More

Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Map, Location Details

The overworld for the game will reportedly be “almost seamless,” though they will still be segregated into some discrete zones. Vehicles will also be making a return, with the Tiny Bronco in particular reportedly working “almost exactly the same” as in the original. Chocobos will of course be making a return as well.

Towns within the game will each feel “very unique,” with the leak providing the example that Midgar is in “stark contrast” to Cosmo Canyon, the latter of which will have the occasional dust storm rolling through. Additionally, the devs have worked hard to make it seem as if each town feels like it’s being “lived in.”

It is also said that Shinra Headquarters will have fewer explorable floors than in the original game, though there is more to do on each floor. Additionally, the Honey Bee Inn will require gil to enter instead of a Membership Card, and mini-games in the Gold Saucer will be playable prior to the initial story events that occur there (the chocobo race, Dyne, etc).

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Characters

The leak also goes over various different pieces of character information, from tweaks to straight up changes. Here are the hot points:

  • Vincent and Yuffie are no longer optional characters, with the latter automatically joining the player’s party before a certain point in the story. Retrieving Vincent will likely be made into a mandatory objective once the player makes it to (present day) Shinra Mansion.
  • Monster redesigns for a lot of the enemies but most will remain recognizable. Some do not make an appearance. For example there was no ghost enemies in the train yard.
  • The HP shown during the state of play is not indicative of what their HP should/would be normally during those times. Simply for Dev showcasing.
  • The design for Tifa is also true to her original Final Fantasy VII outfit. Her face appears to be similar to her Advent Children design but slightly more western.
  • Cait Sith seems to be pronounced “Ket” Sith but has undergone no major design overhaul. He is more of a close quarters brawler, and his Limit Break remains similar, if not the same.
  • Red XIII has clones Cobalt XIV and Indigo XV you must fight before he joins your party in Shinra Headquarters.
  • Cid does not appear to be smoking but you see evidence that he does. He is still upset with Shera due to past events, though Square Enix has seemingly toned down his aggressiveness and swearing, deeming it as unnecessary.
  • Cloud will have a dress and wig in one particular scene. But its fade to black getting in/out of it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Demo

Last but certainly not least, the leak states that there will be a playable demo of the game on the floor at E3 2019. There will reportedly be a home demo that will be made available immediately after E3 wraps for those with PlayStation Plus.

As always, leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, there’s nothing that’s been revealed above that seems out of place, and the majority of it meshes well with previous footage and commentary from the developers. With “more to come” next month, we should be able to determine if even some of what was leaked is accurate.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now in development.

So, thoughts on the massive leak? What part of the game are you most excited for, should these leaks be accurate? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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