Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Provides Status Update On Part 2

Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Provides Status Update On Part 2

While Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and all that new Yuffie content is certainly enticing for those lucky enough to own a PS5, the rest of us will have to make due being excited for Part 2 of the remake series. We’ve heard very little about Part 2 thus far, though we can expect it to kick off immediately after the events of INTERmission, which will likely line up closely with Cloud’s exit from Midgar. Now, Square Enix has shared a minor status update on the second game, while also confirming that its atmosphere will be notably different from the first.

During the recent live stream event for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, game director Tetsuya Nomura spoke a bit about what to expect from the second game. Towards the end of the stream, Nomura revealed that he wanted to announce “something” about Part 2, though he ended up holding off on doing so as there wasn’t blanket approval from some of the other parts of the team. Still, he was able to tease just a bit of what to expect. “Development is moving forward quite well,” Nomura revealed.

I’d like to perhaps make a proper announcement when the timing is right, but Cloud is running through mother nature. You’ll be able to enjoy a somewhat different atmosphere from the first game… Well, things are progressing nicely, so please wait for it.”

The prospect of Cloud running through ‘mother nature’ certainly fits given that he and the rest of the team have already departed from Midgar. The next stops would normally be the Chocobo Stable, Kalm, and the swamp that holds the Midgar Zolom, so there’ll be plenty of ‘nature’ for Cloud and the team to explore as they go after Sephiroth. Nomura ends his statement by confirming that the next game “starts directly after Intergrade,” so there’s hope that we’ll get to see the aforementioned Midgar Zolom impaled on a giant skewer.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is slated to release on June 10, 2021, exclusively for PS5.

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