Final Fantasy Reportedly Getting A Souls-Like Spin-off From Team Ninja

Final Fantasy Reportedly Getting A Souls-Like Spin-off From Team Ninja

It looks like Square Enix may be poised to introduce its long-running Final Fantasy series to a new genre. A report has surfaced stating that Team Ninja is working on a game called Final Fantasy Origin, a souls-like spin-off title that will make use of the studio’s experience developing the first two Nioh games.

The new report began to pick up traction on Resetera and has since been corroborated by Fanbyte, According to the report, Final Fantasy Origin will take place “somewhere in or adjacent to the world of the first Final Fantasy game on the NES” and will feature a similar playstyle to the Nioh games, though it is said to be a bit more accessible in order to appeal to a wider audience. The report also suggests that the game will be a timed PS5 exclusive followed up by a PC release, something not unlikely given Square Enix’s previous partnerships with Sony.

Final Fantasy Reportedly Getting A Souls-Like Spin-off From Team Ninja

The potential of a Final Fantasy souls-like is not lost on your typical FF-fan. With an extensive lore backed by universally-recognized series-wide concepts, a Final Fantasy souls-like ‘done right’ has major potential. It should however be noted that Team Ninja is also chiefly responsible for Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, a title not typically found on any FF-fan’s top 10 list. Still, between the studio’s familiarity with the souls-like genre and having previously worked on a Final Fantasy game (albeit a poorly received one), Square Enix may have made the ideal choice in tasking Team Ninja with developing Final Fantasy Origin.

There’s currently no way to verify this rumor, of course, though it suggest that a public alpha version will be arriving this summer under the moniker Stranger In Paradise, so that the developer can acquire some early feedback on the title. The rumor goes on to state that Square Enix initially planned to announce the title this June, so we may hear something official before long.

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