Fatal Frame Series Returns In The Form Of A Pachinko Machine (VIDEO)

Fatal Frame Pachinko

Japan has given the world many beloved video game franchises, with one classic series hailing from Japan being the Fatal Frame series. The original Fatal Frame is considered by many to have been one of the core origins of horror as a video game genre alongside the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. However, the Fatal Frame franchise has been rather dormant the past decade, although the series’s producer has held out hope for a new Fatal Frame title to be greenlit. Now, it seems that the series has indeed been revived, albeit with a new Fatal Frame Pachinko machine.

A trailer showcasing the new Fatal Frame Pachinko machine has been released on YouTube recently. The trailer features some of the polished new versions of the game’s cutscenes that pachinko parlor guests will witness when dumping those classic silver balls into one of the gambling machines. The cutscenes shown referencing the series’s original Japanese name, Project Zero. Fitting as these Pachinko Machines will likely only be available in Japan, for their immediate release at least.

Fatal Frame Pachinko

Having a classic video game franchise, even a horror series, turned into a Pachinko machine like this is not unprecedented. Konami has famously turned their horror series Silent Hill into a Pachinko machine, even as the series remained silent for years much like Tecmo Koei has been for Fatal Frame. Hopefully for either of these series, these machines help spark more interest in the franchises so that they can make their much-awaited return to traditional gaming platforms. While the Fatal Frame Pachinko machine may not exactly be what fans were hoping to see during this 20th anniversary of the series, it at least proves that the series is hardly Fatally wounded.

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