Fallout: New Vegas Was A Vastly Different Game Before Launch (VIDEO)

Fallout New Vegas

Obsidian’s take on the wastes in Fallout New Vegas is easily one of the most loved installments in the franchise. While Bethesda had outsourced the project, the developers managed to create a game that fit incredibly well in the lore and narrative that had been previously created. There are, as always, plenty of things that never made the cut and some of those missing pieces explain why issues fans had with the game existed.

Griffin Lambert’s “The Cutting Room Floor” series on YouTube explores what might have been in games, and the exploration of Fallout New Vegas reveals an incredible amount of content that never made the game. With only 18 months to build the title, it’s not surprising that things were cut. The series of videos focused on Fallout New Vegas explores all of these missing parts and the first one can be seen below:

There were big ideas surrounding New Vegas that, given time restraints, could never be finished. The series, and a mod respectively, unveils some of these missing pieces that include story, NPC’s, weapons and other items, quests, and more. With planned pieces missing, it left the development team with the task of patching those holes as best they could. In an interview, the lead world builder for Fallout New Vegas had this to say about their plans for the game:

New Vegas would have been a lot different if it was PC only. We had a lot of plans early on. Like, ‘Here’s where the water is stored, here’s where the farms are, here’s where the government is centralised!’ We had it all planned out – it wasn’t just a bunch of random stuff.”

Given that one of the major complaints of Fallout New Vegas was that many quests felt open-ended and random, the fact that so much content never made it to the game explains a lot. While the developers never got the chance to explore their full vision of the game, it’s interesting to see some of what that vision included. Fans can check out the ongoing series here for more info!

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