Fallout 76: Character Creator, Vault 76 Explored In New Gameplay (VIDEO)

Fallout 76 Character Creator Vault 76

Following a time of relative silence, Bethesda recently dropped an explosion of information about the upcoming Fallout 76. Details of new enemy types, combat changes, and good ol’ treasure hunting have peppered throughout the day, but we now have a look at an early portion of the game within the underground Vault 76 itself.

As one might expect from any Fallout game, one of the first in-game options allows players to create their own custom vault-dweller. We’ve previously seen this mode in action before, but we now have a slightly more in-depth look at the various tweaks at creators’ disposal. Expected options such as skin color, hair style, and varying facial features are all here, but additional customizations such as photo filters and crafting the player’s ID badge offer even more personality with the multiplayer proceedings.

After establishing the character’s identity and popping on that Pip-Boy, users are free to take a stroll around the vault and engage with random objects as one does in an RPG. The video below features a pretty significant walkthrough of the facility, where halls are decorated with party hats and balloons celebrating the emerging Reclamation Day. We see our hero dubbed “hubbahubba” interact with other players, pick out a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk card, and even put on a little hat for good measure.


We’re over-encumbered with Fallout 76 news as of late, having seen gameplay left and right premiere new sides to the upcoming Bethesda RPG. So far, we’ve seen how the tweaked VATS system will work, where modding is at the moment, and the debut of ferocious freaking dragons. Fallout 76 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 14th. The B.E.T.A. begins for each system at the end of October.

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