Fall Guys Sees Massive Success With More Than 2 Million Sales on Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout New Content Teased

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken over the world by storm with flashy Dinosaur costumes and little jellybeans flopping their way to the finish. Since it’s release on August 4th, 2020 (a mere six days ago) it has sold over 2 million copies on Steam alone! That is a massive win for the small indie developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital.

The PS4 statistics on game sales for Fall Guys have yet to be released however, it’s hard not to see the monumental success that Fall Guys has brought in the first week of release. Even though the game has been plagued with server issues, disconnects and bugs, the development team has kept the public in the know and worked tirelessly to fix every issue that has been brought to the table. Even they were surprised with the incredibly rapid growth they have seen in such a short time.

Fall Guys has already featured crossover content with Half-Life, Hotline Miami which are purchasable in game on the store page, and it is possible that there may still be crossover content for Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher. Even KFC has jumped onto the crossover bandwagon in their recent tweet shown below.

As you continue your way through bright-lit and chaotic levels you are able to earn kudos (the in-game currency) to unlock said costumes, skins, color palettes and patterns in the battle pass which is included in the purchase of the game.

“It has been overwhelming and humbling to watch the launch and reception of Fall Guys,” stated Mediatonic’s chief games officer and co-founder Paul Croft during a press release. “We’re incredibly grateful to all of our players for their support and have big plans for the game in the future. We’re thrilled by the response and can’t quite believe how beloved our little jelly beans have already become!”

Fall Guys has been the most successful game for both Mediatonic and Devolver Digital and the fan base only continues to grow. Already 1,500,000 crowns have been snagged (apologies if you have forgotten to grab the crown) and even more who have slid into the slime that signals a players demise (or elimination). Those numbers will continue to grow as time progresses as gut-busting and uproarious disarray continues to draw players into the cutesy, digital MXC environment to take chances, make mistakes and laugh endlessly.

Have you been able to access the Beta test? What are your thoughts and first impressions of the game? Sound off in the comments below! As always don’t forget to follow the Don’t Feed The Gamers twitter for the latest updates on gaming news and more!



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