The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Receives Morality Reputation Mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Receives Morality Reputation Mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is arguably the most popular incarnation of Bethesda’s long-running RPG series, and as such has produced a wide array of incredible mods that still continue to churn out today. Fan dedication has added such third-party gems as MechaGodzilla and even a fresh survival-based mode to play, but one creative modder has now produced a means of morality into the proceedings.

Recently going live over on NexusMods, a nifty new reputation mechanic has made its way into Skyrim, overhauling the game’s large library of NPCs to react to the player’s in-game actions. Some could argue that Skyrim already offers a small reputation-ish system, as those who’ve experienced angry mobs over acts of accidental thievery can attest. However, this new creation by user “dcyren” seems much more in the like of a BioWare title, where the world of Tamriel actively responds to player choices and how they ultimately conduct themselves.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Receives Reputation Mod

The website features a full rundown of how the mod works, which can be read below:

Greeting dialogue overhaul:

  • Nearly 4000 lines of vanilla asset dialogue have been arranged on a spectrum from welcoming comments to angry comments, and mapped onto the reputation mechanic.
  • A relatively unknown character will now be greeted with dismissals; a good-willed hero will be greeted with compliments; and an evil outlaw will be greeted with scorn.
  • Guards will now also act as if they’re a little wiser to your criminal activities and comment with greater suspicion. At least until your influence in the Hold increases.

Minor faction edits:

  • Key members of join-able factions may now send you courier notes, to comment on you joining another faction or on your reputation/morality.
  • The Companions now recognize fame/infamy. They might let you join without the usual delivery quests if your reputation is right, and might kick you out again if you turn evil.

Reputation based influences:

  • Perks, from the Speech skill tree, and some passive influences now come with certain reputations (see change log for details).
  • Vendor prices will now be affected positively or negatively by your reputation score. A noble hero receives better prices than an evil-doer.
  • If you gain enough infamy, townsfolk and enemies alike have a chance to start fleeing at the very sight of you.

The mod’s page affirms that while NPCs may come to sing/threaten your praises/demise, no changes are to be made to the normal Skyrim gameplay. Though, if players eventually find the mod too far removed from the base experience, the assorted changes can be toggled on and off via the proper menu. Those wanting to try out this new spin on Skyrim can download the mod over on the NexusMods website.

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