New ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Summerset Trailer Uncovers the Secrets of the Psijic Order (VIDEO)

Bethesda recently shared a new video giving us an even closer look at what’s in store for The Elder Scrolls Online, and MMORPG that is set 1000 years prior to the events in Skyrim. Summerset, their latest expansion, is right around the corner and to get even more familiar with new faces and pieces of lore fans will uncover, they offer Elder Scrolls lovers a chance to fomd even more about what we’ll discover. The latest sneak peek is all about the mysterious Psijic Order and how they formed one of the most notable factions in the franchise to date.

“The Psijic Order have stated that they are primarily interested in learning the fundamental basics of the world and universe, what holds it together, and what could threaten it,” explains Lawrence Schick, The Elder Scrolls Online‘s Loremaster. “They are dedicated to knowledge and study for its own ends, and to them, knowledge is its own reward.”

According to Schick, he Psijic Order were incredibly private and stayed hidden away on the island of Artaeum, a place that players will be able to explore when the Summerset expansion goes live. “It was there within the ancient halls of Ceporah Tower (a massive structure that pre-dates even the arrival of the Ancient Elves) that they explored the mysteries of the universe,” explains the creative team, “rarely leaving their island home.”

The Psijic Order was known for their unwillingness to share their vast amounts of knowledge with the rest of Tamriel, no matter how worthy those interested were. It turns out that this secrecy spawned a group that many fans are very familiar with today. “Unlike the Mages Guild, the Psijics have little interest in teaching anybody anything, and they are not interested in taking an active role in Tamriel,” explains Lawrence. “When they did engage in the world, it was only in an advisory capacity, and they withdrew even from that limited role when they disappeared.”

Even those within the Order began to doubt the reason for inclusion, with the great mage Vanus Galerion himself spectating that this “hording” of knowledge was inherently selfish. It was with that divide that Galerion eventually left to begin the Mages Guild.

“The reason is unknown, but around 350 years ago, the island of Artaeum simply vanished, taking the Psijics and their secrets with them. To where or even when they went is a mystery, but for centuries, the Psijic Order was no longer a part of Tamriel.”

“It is only upon the Queen’s decree and the opening of Summerset’s borders to foreigners that the Psijics have appeared to return, although the island itself remains hidden. The return of the Psijic Order’s agents to Tamriel, while historic, is also troubling, for their purposes remain obscured. Why did they leave? Why have they returned? And what is their connection to the shadowy conspiracy that now threatens the home of the High Elves?”

There’s no telling what role the Order will have in shaping the future of Tamriel, but whatever their plans may be, as you explore Summerset, you’ll become a key part of their current efforts, and even get the chance to become a member yourself.”

“The Psijic Order admits you as a special case and allows you to come to Artaeum, wherever it is they’ve taken it to,” says Lawrence. “Usually, they’re not particularly interested in sharing their knowledge with anybody outside the Order unless they prove themselves worthy or can meet them on an equal basis.”

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset expansion will be arriving on PC May 21st and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 June 5th! Be sure to stay tuned in with us over on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7! And feel free to share your thoughts with us on what you are hoping for when Summerset drops down in the comment section below!

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