Dungeons & Dragons Hawaiian Shirt Now Available, Because Why Not?

We’re getting into the warmer months now and it’s time to finally shuck those winter coats and fish out those worn out flip flops. For table top connoisseurs like ourselves, you might want to show off that DM pride in the most vibrantly coloured and loud way possible. Well lucky you, because we’ve got just the thing!

It’s the isle of D&D and brings a little fun into the dysfunctional dynamic you have with your team and the friends that you torture (yes, DM, we’re looking at you). Or you could just be looking for a rad new shirt and a way to tell people, “hey – you like D&D? I like D&D” and make some new buds.

You know, for being all about “adventuring,” an awful lot of D&D is set in that first D. There are far more more castle ruins and underground mazes and monsters than what we typically think of as “adventuring” today – outdoor hikes, river crossings, time spent outside under the sun.

In the real world today, you may need more than a basic adventurer’s starting equipment kit when you set off on your next vacation. First pack SPF 90, but we’d also like to recommend this festive Hawaiian shirt with D&D’s iconic ampersand incorporated. It can easily take the place of that 10 foot pole, because unless your DM is throwing traps left and right how useful has that thing been? At the very least, not everybody in the party needs one, right?

Product Specifications 

  • Dungeons and Dragons Hawaiian Shirt
  • Officially-licensed D&D merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Red and orange breathable cotton with subtle ampersand design
  • A great way to honor Gary Gygax, who wore them prolifically
  • (And if that’s not your thing, we respect that)
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.

Ready to get this party started? The Dungeons & Dragons Hawaiian shirt is now available through ThinkGeek right here! Happy gaming, friends!

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