dragon's dogma

Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry 5 Director Teases New Project

The director of Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry 5 teased a new project, and it has fans deliberating what it could be. There’s plenty of room for speculation. Considering…

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Dragons Dogma Sequel

Dragons Dogma Sequel Almost Replaced Devil May Cry 5

Following years of waiting and enduring a divisive reboot, the stylish supernatural exploits of Dante are now gearing up for a comeback in Devil May Cry 5. The upcoming fifth…

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Devil May Cry Director Says New Game Is Almost Finished, “Expect It”

Capcom has already given a multitude of teasers in the latter half of 2017 to show off to fans that they have an epic 2018 planned for gamers. For fans…

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A New Game Announcement from Devil May Cry Director Inbound for 2017

No doubt that 2017 has a lot of amazing things coming our way from new tech, new games, and new developers. What is interesting in the last few weeks is…

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