Dragon Quest XI Localization Confirmed for 2018 Western Release (VIDEO)

Dragon Quest XI Localization

The Dragon Quest is well known in gaming culture as being one of the tent-pole NES games that made the Japanese RPG a mainstream success and has continuously been one of the most popular franchises of the genre. However, the franchise has had an inconsistent history of making them available to western audiences. While many of the core games in the franchise would be localized, many others in the series such as Dragon Quest V and VI took more than a decade. Given this, many fans were worried that the current generation title would not arrive stateside, but those fears can now be put to rest as Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest XI localization for the west is in the works.

The tweet seen above from the franchise’s official Twitter account contains a special video message from Yuji Horii, legendary game designer for the Dragon Quest series. In the video, Horii acknowledges the game’s 30th anniversary that took place last year and thanks the fans and collaborators on the franchise for making it what it is today. Horii also knows that the video has released shortly after the Japanese launch of Dragon Quest XI and understands English-speaking fans have been hoping for a respective version of the game.

Horii then announces that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of An Illusive Age will indeed be translated into 5 additional languages apart from its original Japanese, including an English translation. The video does not mention which platforms or release date for these versions, but Square Enix has estimated that they should be available next year. This news will certainly come as a great joy to western fans and will have them sliming themselves with glee. What do you guys think about this Dragon Quest XI localization news? Let us know in the comments below!

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