WATCH: Fan Recreates Donkey Kong Country 2 In HD

Donkey Kong Country 2 Level

This year certainly saw a special fixation with the 16-bit era of Nintendo’s history. Indie games that exhibited 16-bit art styles, such as Stardew Valley and Golf Story, proved to be popular on the console, and the elusive Super NES Classic Edition once again made many gamers talk about the best games from the SNES. One of the biggest series on the SNES was the Donkey Kong Country Series. One fan has taken their love for the series to new heights by recreating a Donkey Kong Country 2 level in HD, giving a glimpse at what a modern remake of the game might look like.

YouTube user BlobVanDam has shared a video of their re-created version of the “Bramble Blast” level from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest. The player controls Diddy and Dixie Kong, as they are both shot through the game’s classic floating barrels like rockets, in glorious 1080p and 60fps. While some of the animations on the playable characters are not the most smooth at times, the recreated graphics of the level definitely look lovely in HD, and would certainly mesh well against the HD style of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze seen on Wii U.

Fans should not get their hopes up too high for BlobVanDam to recreate the full game in HD. The video description says a full game is not in the works, nor is this Bramble Blast level going to be made available for download. Still, if this video gains enough traction, perhaps Nintendo themselves might find the idea of remaking the original Donkey Kong Country games in HD an easy way to give the series new life on the Nintendo Switch. What do you guys think about this remade Donkey Kong Country 2 level? Let us know in the comments below!

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