Diablo III Seasons Won’t Require Nintendo Switch Online Service

Diablo III Nintendo Switch

It’s time to take the fates of hell into your own hands. Diablo III: The Eternal Collection is heading to the Nintendo Switch next month, and anybody who’s a fan of the game and owns the hybrid console can dive into back into the lands of damned souls. With the launch of their online subscription service, some players are worried about the potential of the game’s seasons mode. Thankfully, there’s some good news for all.

Despite the monthly to yearly subscription of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, Diablo III players need not fear – it won’t be required to participate in the highly popular seasons. Here’s the official word from Blizzard:

I see there’s some confusion about the necessity of the Nintendo Switch Online service in relations to the upcoming Diablo 3: Eternal Collection. To clarify, access to playing Seasons does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, access to online multiplayer does. This is identical to the way gameplay features function for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Diablo 3 as well. Hope this makes the situation more clear!”

With that said, online multiplayer aspects will require a service subscription. Truth be told, this is no different from other consoles currently on the market and that includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but if you already own another console – it can be a frustrating situation to shell out a few more bucks to enjoy online features.  To find out more on its upcoming launch on the Switch, check out DFTG’s first-impressions right here and how it stacks up to PC.

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Diablo III launches on the November 2nd for the Nintendo Switch.

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