Game Director Reveals Detroit: Become Human Release Slated for 2018

The new neo-noir thriller from Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human, was given a beautiful E3 trailer that left many fans wondering when the game would finally be released. The players who had hoped for a 2017 release may not be happy to hear the news that the game’s director David Cage has confirmed that it is actually set for release sometime in 2018.

In a recent interview at E3, Cage said the exact words, “it’s going to be next year”, in reference to the Detroit: Become Human release date. Unfortunately, that is as specific as he got and it really doesn’t narrow it down much. Hopefully a more specific release date for the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be revealed to us in the very near future. This whole thing comes with a bit of confusion since the title has been teased in the past as a 2017 release, but the Sony Worldwide Studios President already said that was a mistake.

detroit: become human

Detroit: Become Human was originally announced back in October of 2015 at a Sony press conference and gamers have been anxiously awaiting the title ever since. The game follows 3 different playable characters and it also contains a huge cast of actors from all over the globe. It apparently took David Cage two years to finish the game’s script and the page count is allegedly almost 2,000 pages long. Sounds like it will be a very detailed game!

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