Del Toro Tweets Holiday/F**k Konami Greetings

F**K Konami Greetings

While this most wonderful time of the year is coming to a close, there is another warm celebration that you can still greet others with heartily throughout the year. I am of course referring to the sentiment heard throughout the internet, “F**k Konami!” Yes, that beloved phrase that unites us all has hit the news again, as award-winning director and Hideo Kojima friend-ssociate Guillermo Del Toro has expressed those magical two words once more. The Holiday/F**K Konami Greetings tweet seen below comes directly from the director’s Twitter profile.

Not even a full month ago, del Toro tweeted the same profane statement towards Hideo Kojima’s former employer that cancelled the Silent Hills project that Kojima, Del Toro and walker hunter Norman Reedus were slated to collaborate on. The tweets came when Kojima received the Industry Icon award at The Game Awards event that Kojima was barred by Konami from accepting the year prior. Now, with the advent of Kojima’s newest game, Death Stranding, the opportunity for the Metal Gear master, del Toro and Reedus to work together is a reality again, albeit in a different form.

It has certainly been an interesting year to see Konami become the cartoonish villains of gaming. From the reports of poor working conditions/requirements for employees, to the reduction of many of their beloved franchises to Pachinko machine mascots, it almost seems like Konami has done everything in their power to become despised among gaming. As for me, I’m proud to have joined the sentiments of one Jim Sterling, who coined the journalism subset and mantra: “F**k Konami News, all the news that’s fit to make you say ‘F**k Konami.'” What do you guys think of Guillermo del Toro’s holiday/F**k Konami greetings? What do you think of Konami? Let us know in the comments below!

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