New The Defenders Trailer Debuts at SDCC 2017 (VIDEO)

The Defenders Trailer

Since the San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, what would the event be without a bit of news coming from Marvel? They’ve been keeping themselves busy lately, and for good reason. A plethora of movies and television shows are on the horizon and somebody has to make them. However, that doesn’t mean feet can’t be kicked up once in awhile. And by that, we mean kicking in a motion that would result in the rear of another person being struck with said feet. Of course, this is all referring to the new The Defenders trailer that just dropped, in which a bounty of booty is kicked.

The whole team is present in the new video, and we even get a better look at the dynamic that will be present amongst them. Daredevil is called weird for being a blind man that smells exactly where the pork is, Luke Cage isn’t necessarily looking for helping hands, Jessica Jones has had quite the week, and Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist is still getting made fun of. Sounds like one happy family to us! Check out the action for yourself in the Defenders trailer seen below(SPOILER ALERT…you know, just in case):

As can be seen in the video above, a new threat has found their way to NYC, and they’ve brought back a character from the great beyond. Of course, with Elektra(Elodie Yung) now having a bad case of forgetting literally everything about her past self, she is primed and ready to become the personal weapon of new baddie Alexandra(Sigourney Weaver). According to Weaver during the panel for the Netflix show, the relationship between the two characters is “very, very strange.” Those in attendance got a little glimpse at this because the first episode was shown. The Defenders is set to hit Netflix on August 18.

What say you, Marvel fans? Excited to see the team working together in the new Defenders trailer? How big of a threat will the powerful duo of Elektra and Alexandra pose on our crime fighting heroes? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! We’ve got boots on the ground in San Diego, so stick around to learn more on what’s coming out of SDCC, including the links below:

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