Days Gone 2 Pitch Included a Co-op Mode With a Shared Universe

Days Gone 2 Pitch Included a Co-op Mode With a Shared Universe

Although there’s been no official news regarding a possible sequel to the PlayStation exclusive Days Gone, that hasn’t prevented fans from wondering what Days Gone 2 could entail should Sony choose to greenlight it. Speculation is part of the fun, after all. While a potential story for the game will undoubtedly remain under wraps, Jeff Ross, former game director of Days Gone, has revealed that the initial pitch for Days Gone 2 included a co-op mode with a shared universe.

Speaking to God of War creator David Jaffe in a recent livestream, Jeff Ross touched on the recent Bloomberg report about the seemingly unsuccessful Days Gone 2 pitch from Bend Studio. Ross didn’t confirm if the pitch failed due to a non-disclosure agreement, though he did confirm some aspects of the pitch that were presented to Sony. “We wanted co-op from the beginning [in Days Gone 1], but obviously you have to make concessions for what you’re not going to be able to do,” Ross explained (H/T VGC).

Days Gone 2 Pitch Included a Co-op Mode With a Shared Universe

David Jaffe later asked if the initial plans for co-op would have made it into the sequel. “It’s one of the things that we had in our pitch, yeah. It was the idea of a shared universe with co-op play,” Ross explained. Ross goes on to state that the co-op features would involve taking all the assets, systems, and world that was built and repurpose them for a multiplayer version. “So [it] would be with guys like Deacon trying to survive, building up a clubhouse or a crew. I think it would be fun to be in that world cooperatively and see what horde battles could be like.”

As previously mentioned, the actual status of Days Gone 2 is unknown. Given how willing Ross was to talk about potential features, though, it doesn’t sound like Sony is moving forward with it. ” I don’t think it’s publicly confirmed what the status of [Days Gone 2] is,” Ross said. “I don’t want to be the guy who’s the official source for whatever that is.”

Days Gone is currently available for PS4, with the title making the jump to PC at some point this spring.

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