Dark Souls Tarot Card Deck Are Ominously Beautiful (VIDEO)

Dark Souls Tarot Card

Dark Souls may be a franchise that has caused some great frustrations with enemies that give no mercy, but the beloved title has given fans a lot to enjoy outside of just the game. From fan-made artwork, to exceptionally detailed statues – there’s a lot to love in this creative fandom. One of the latest creations brings the Dark Souls Tarot Card Deck to life. Created by Chicago artist Winslow Dumaine overhauls the Rider-Waite deck into a Dark Souls and Bloodborne-inspired masterpiece.

The Kickstarter page gives some details about the Dark Souls Tarot Card Deck:

The Tarot Restless is an overhaul of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. While the suits of the Minor Arcana remain the same, many of the Major Arcana are new creations. The cards feature hand-drawn artwork depicting scenes from a dark fantasy story set in the midst of an infertility apocalypse. Accompanying the deck, Restless Meditations is a 100 page book of short stories that explore the lore and interpretations of each card.

The cards shown in the video and photos are from the promotional version of the deck. Those decks were printed with 310gsm linen stock and a standard gloss finish. They are very smooth and slide very easily, while retaining a slight texture. See the Stretch Goals section for how I would like the final version to look.

The cards come in a rigid, two part box with art on the top and bottom. The box has a matte finish.

Accompanying The Tarot Restless is a copy of Restless Meditations. This is a complete guidebook to using The Tarot Restless, including instructions on how to perform an Inimical Reading, as well as a short story written to explain the lore for every card.
The purpose of this work is to guide people as they confront their pain and grief. For this reason, some of the cards tend to be macabre or bizarre. It is not a wholly morbid work, though: the themes of revenge, betrayal, and suffering are balanced by those of empowerment, extrication, and relief.”

The full Dark Souls Tarot Deck is available now for pre-order with an assortment of available Kickstarter pledges. You can check out all the available offers here, as well as take a look at the artist’s website.

What do you think about the Dark Souls Tarot Card Deck? What are thoughts on the artist’s hand-drawn artwork? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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