This Dark Souls Mod Was Heavily Inspired by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Dark Souls

While fans wait patiently for the remastered version of Dark Souls to be released, the mod community is finding new and interesting ways to approach the game. Modder FTRicher is one such fan, having recently created a mod called “Prepare to Die Again” that relocates all enemies, bonfires, NPC’s and items. With that underway, FTRicher has set their sights on creating a mod that takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild.

The Dark Souls mod named The Breath of the Soul adds new healing components, items, and ways to buff. Players can also upgrade weapons with souls, allowing for changes to move-sets for weapons. Beyond this, enemies drop weapons more often and the map is more explorable right off.

Dark Souls

The more open world of the Dark Souls mod means more of the game is optional. This has the potential to mean that Gwyn may not have the same impact as before. In the end, however, the major changes that may be coming with the mod are enough to create a totally new experience for an old favorite. Here are some of the features that might be included:

Feature list (This will change in the future)
[  ] –> Not finished
[X] –> Already finished
[P] –> Currently in progress
– Weapons will break very fast and can not be repaired, so you have to check your inventory more often and consider which weapon suits best for each situation [X]
– Enemies drop weapons much more often [X]
– Weapons can be upgraded by only using souls [X]
– Changes to the moveset of some weapons [X]
– There will be some new items (New Buffs and new Healing items) [X]
– Weapons sold by merchants cost more [X]
– Changed Weapons (Name, damage, description, …) [P]
– Changed Vendor inventory[P]
– New starting classes [X]
– New starting gifts [X]
– Altered and new boss fights [P]
– Changes to NG+ [  ]
– More freedom to explore (More areas to go to from the beginning of the game. A lot of the game will become “optional” but will be needed to have an easier time with the endboss) [X]
– Level-based events and enemy spawn [ P]
– New changes to the level spawn but based on Prepare to die Again [P]
– Changed spells [ ]

While Breath of the Soul has a long way to go, FTRicher is promising the addition of new vendor inventories, adjustments to spells and level spawns, and events based on levels. For a full look at the Dark Souls mod, check it out here. Be sure and keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all of your gaming news!

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