CES 2017 First Look – Toyota Shows Off Concept-i Vehicle (VIDEO)


Skeptics of the world! For those of you who jokingly question, “This is the 21st century, where are the flying cars?”, you should definitely take a look at the advancements happening around you in the automobile field. It’s easy to think that we’re still a long ways off from that picturesque idealism of a totally automated, clean environmental world, but have no fear. That future is much closer than you think! In years past, advancements in driving have been limited pretty much to the unveiling of electric cars. While that is certainly no feat to sneeze at, it looks like Toyota has just upped the ante with their newest reveal of 2017: the Toyota Concept-i.


The Concept-i was revealed at CES 2017, and it is definitely the coolest vehicle we’ve ever seen. The car looks like it has been drawn straight from the most innovative sci-fi realm we’ve ever gotten the chance to experience, and to think that this interesting vehicle actually exists in real life! Check out the video below to see exactly how awe-inspiring this car really is:

Toyota has really outdone themselves with this incredible looking vehicle. Offering up a friendly and cheeky appeal (the car actually winks at viewers in the video above), the car implements an artificial intelligence called Yui to connect with the driver, much like Siri does with the iPhone in many incredible ways. The coolest part about this new reveal is the fact that Toyota has created it with the idea of a user-friendly approach to shape the future of driving. And while the actual car revealed during Toyota’s presentation at CES doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be seeing this exact model out on the roads any time soon, it is safe to assume that many of the premiered features will be implemented in some way or another in future models from the Japanese dealer.

So what do you think of this high-tech, futuristic car? Do you believe we’ll be seeing some sort of implementation of these features in near-future auto releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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