Star Wars Actor Donnie Yen Confirms Sleeping Dogs Film Adaptation Now “In Motion”

Donnie Yen, famous for his role within the Ip Man martial arts film franchise, made waves as Chirrut Îmwe the blind warrior monk of the Whills in Star Wars: Rogue One (2016)….

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Vegan Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

PETA Wants To See Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Go Vegan, Original Letter Included

TMNT has been a staple for many of our childhoods. As time goes on, the story of the 4 mutant turtle has begun to change in order to keep up…

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Wasp Trailer

First Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer Released By Marvel (VIDEO)

Marvel‘s size controlling hero Ant-Man is headed back to the big screen in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The new adventure will see actor Paul Rudd don the red costume once…

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Ronda Rousey WWE

Ronda Rousey WWE Debut Won’t Affect Appearance In UFC 3 – Here’s How

The wrestling world is still reeling from WWE’s epic Royal Rumble event that happened over the weekend. Not only did the first ever 30-woman rumble take place, but former UFC…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Data Mine

Dragon Ball FighterZ Data Mine Reveals Several DLC Characters

Dragon Ball FighterZ has now been officially released, and the fighting game has been well-received across the board for its stunning visual presentation, respect for the source material, and wide array…

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DFTG Recaps Best Movie/TV Trailers Of The Week

DFTG Recaps Best Movie/TV Trailers Of The Week: January 29 (VIDEO)

A fresh batch of movies and TV trailers have debuted, and now’s the time that DFTG recaps the best the last week has had to offer. The thrilling city battles…

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new funko pops

6 New Funko Pops Celebrate The 90s With ‘Hey, Arnold,’ The Angry Beavers, And Rocko’s Modern Life!

If you weren’t able to experience the glory that was the 90s Nickelodeon era, then we need to seriously regroup your plans for next weekend. For those that went on…

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Friday The 13th Game Update To Bring New Jason And Map Soon (VIDEO)

A Friday the 13th game update is incoming and soon, bringing with it a brand new Jason and map to continue on the slaughterfest. Otherwise known as Roy in the…

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The Ultimate Star Wars Vinyl Collection On Sale Now For A Limited Time!

With Star Wars Rebels coming to a close and the hype dying down from the latest Star Wars film, it’s time to ease back into the subtle obsession with our…

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First Look At Captain Marvel Movie Costume Revealed In Set Photos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is pushing forward with their extensive film slate as of late, with the movie Captain Marvel recently beginning production. With the success of DC’s Wonder Woman last year,…

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