Detective Pikachu Pokemon Guardians of the Galaxy

Live-Action Detective Pikachu Visuals Compared To Guardians Of The Galaxy

Pokemon fans are undoubtedly familiar with the adorable, rosy-cheeked Pikachu, but the series’ most unusual iteration of the character is getting the live-action treatment in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie….

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Detective Pikachu Movie Live-Action Pokemon Battle

Detective Pikachu Movie Will Feature Live-Action Pokemon Battle

Pokemon has long-held a lasting appeal from its beloved entries to the mediums of gaming, anime, and trading cards, with the realm of live-action notably alluding the series’ entertainment grasp….

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Netflix September 2018 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Black Panther Iron Fist

Netflix September 2018: What’s New And What’s Leaving (VIDEO)

With August on the heels its conclusion, now marks the time Netflix unveils its anticipated release schedule for the upcoming month. On tap for Netflix September 2018 are many in the…

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Castlevania Season 2 Highlights Hinted At By Showrunner Adi Shankar

The first season of the Castlevania anime series on Netflix came as a bit of a surprise, both in its existence and its above-average quality for non-interactive adaptations of video…

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comic To Give Series Closure, Says Joss Whedon

For all those who fondly remember the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer airing on TV and a follow-up spin-off series titled Angel, there’s great news ahead – the show…

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Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran Offers Powerful Statement Following Her Forceful Exit From Social Media

Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran Offers Powerful Statement Following Her Forceful Exit From Social Media

Earlier this year, Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran deleted her Instagram following a slew of hateful comments and harassment by Star Wars “fans” which, despite prompting a fiery reaction…

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Funko Releases PEZ Candy Dispenser Line

Funko announced their adorably fun and scrumptious new line of dispensers in collaboration with the nostalgic PEZ Candy last week with the initial appearance of Marvel characters. Now, they’ve got…

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Avengers Infinity War Thanos Battle

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Battle Recreated In 16-Bit (VIDEO)

The summer box office is winding down now, and it is quite evident that Avengers: Infinity War was the titan at theaters this season. The sequel bested Star Wars: The…

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Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance Trailer Arrives (VIDEO)

“More Star Wars” used to be one of the greatest combinations of words in the English language. Some people have grown fatigued by the endless content, but diehards like myself…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Inc. Funko Pop

Kingdom Hearts 3 Reveals Monsters Inc. Funko Pop! Figures (GALLERY)

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now set for release next year after what feels like millenia of waiting. Sora and our Disney pals are travelling to numerous themed worlds from all around…

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