Sandman Film Might be Put Back to Bed

The Sandman, if you’ve never heard of it, is frequently lauded as one of the greatest comic book series ever made, often mentioned alongside titans like Watchmen and Maus. Written…

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New Rogue One Fan Theories Built Around Lightsaber Crystal (VIDEO)

In a newly released Japanese trailer for the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, fans have noticed a moment where a young Jyn Erso (the main protagonist of…

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Dark Phoenix art by @Bosslogic on Twitter

‘Dark Phoenix’ Rumored for Next X-Men Film

The beloved Dark Phoenix Saga is potentially being eyed for 20th Century Fox’s next X-Men film. This rumor arrives following rumblings of a reboot for the franchise earlier this week….

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Max Payne: Retribution

Max Payne Returns in Awesome Fan Film Trailer (VIDEO)

Max is back, and this time, he’s not Mark Wahlberg. The innovative shooter, Max Payne, has inspired creative fans to make an authentic fan film set in the game’s universe….

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Beware the Slenderman – HBO Launches Chilling Trailer (VIDEO)

Gamers across the globe love a good horror game from time to time. The jump scares, the anticipation and anxiety make blood run cold and keep players up at all…

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Underworld: Blood Wars Newest Trailer Hits – Which Side Are You On? (VIDEO)

The war between lycans and vampires rages on in the newest Underworld: Blood Wars. We see several returning faces to the film as well as a few new ones, such…

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Pacific Rim 2 Starts Filming and We Finally Have an Official Title

Today Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor John Boyega confirmed that the sequel to the 2013  monster vs robot slugfest Pacific Rim has begun filming. The news comes by way of…

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Michael Keaton Announced to Portray Vulture in Spiderman: Homecoming

Since May of this year, word has gotten out that Michael Keaton will be portraying the mechanized villain, Vulture, in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spider-man: Homecoming film. While…

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Stranger Things 2 Goes All Out 80’s Sci-Fi with New Cast Members

It’s no secret that Netflix’s original series Stranger Things has become an instant cult classic, harnessing the thrill of classic 1980’s Sci-Fi and horror elements to create an almost addictive…

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Bye Bye Viacom – PlayStation Vue Removes Comedy Central, Spike TV, MTV and More

PlayStation Vue subscribers are going to be losing more than twenty channels on the Sony owned streaming service. They are removing all the Viacom owned channels including BET, MTV, VH1,…

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