Call Of Duty: Mobile Controller Support Disabled, Could Return Later

Call Of Duty: Mobile Controller Support Disabled, Could Return Later

Popular shooter franchise Call of Duty made its leap to mobile devices with the release of Call Of Duty: Mobile, the game retaining an experience reminiscent of the series’ mainline installments. Upon launch, fans immediately discovered that controller support had also made it into the mobile title, allowing players to utilize a gamepad in lieu of traditional touchscreen controls. However, it appears this console-adjacent functionality was destined to be short-lived as a recent update has now fully disabled controller support.

As confirmed by Activision, users are no longer able to play the title with peripherals of any kind, the latest update removing the seemingly-accidental feature quickly after launch. The company’s VP of Mobile Chris Plummer recently elaborated on the newly-unavailable mode of control, premising controllers’ possible return and addressing the potential balancing issues in an interview with Hypebeast.

While the feature is no longer active in Call of Duty: Mobile, Plummer suggested that controller support could eventually return. He confirmed that the team is “looking at the possibility” of peripherals and is currently testing ways to potentially implement support. “We are looking at the possibility and have already been testing controller support with a portion of our live audience,” Plummer said. “It is very important to us that we maintain fair balance across the game.”

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Map

One of the means Activision’s VP of Mobile mentioned is the possible addition of a controller-specific lobby, only placing players in matches with other gamepad users and separating them from those solely using the touchscreen. “One example of this is we have separate lobbies in Battle Royale for first-person perspective and third-person perspective players since you have the option to choose either in Battle Royale,” Plummer added.” We may implement a similar solution for players using controllers if needed.”

Call of Duty: Mobile may not feature controller support anymore, but the mobile shooter nonetheless features a variety of customization options intended to suit both newbie and veteran sensibilities. Plummer made note of these options in the aforementioned interview, laying out several of the options made available for the game’s two main control methods: “Simple Controls” and “Advanced Controls.”

“Simple Controls enable you to automatically fire your weapon whenever an opponent comes in front of your crosshairs,” Plummer explained. “While Advanced Controls enable manual and more precise aiming with automatic ADS (aiming down sights) when you fire. This allows casual players to jump in without a steep learning curve, while giving veteran fans opportunities for more skill-based play. You can also move buttons and directional pad locations to your liking.”

Call of Duty: Mobile is out now for Android and iOS.

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