“Line Of Sight” Adds New Challenge to Battlefield 1’s Custom Games

Battlefield 1 has received excellent reviews and gained tons of momentum as one of this years leading first person shooters (FPS). Of course the most played mode of any FPS is the online multiplayer which provides player versus player combat. Amongst the standard game modes that Battlefield has to offer such as Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch and War Pigeons, the game also offers official Custom Game modes which add extra layers of difficulty and challenge to the standard game modes. The newest addition to Battlefield 1’s Custom Games is called Line of Sight.

Custom Games

In Line of Sight, you’ll be playing the Rush game mode on the Suez Canal map. Medic and Scout are the only classes available in this Official Custom Game, and neither land nor air vehicles will join the fight.

Both Scouts and Medics shine in Line of Sight. With double bullet damage the Scouts are more lethal than ever and as a natural counter to this, Medics will need to make optimal use of their arsenal to balance out the teams.

The defending team will need to take advantage of the map to find strategic positions to hold their objectives, while the attackers need to take out defending snipers while advancing to secure objectives.

Custom Games

If you are all about that sniper life, then this is definitely a game mode you have to check out. Not only does it force the necessity of strategy but it also demands strong teamwork in order to attain victory. So next time you’re browsing the multiplayer que on Battlefield 1 be sure to check out this challenging new game mode. If you want to see more Battlefield 1 check out this truly awe inspiring glitch, and stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all your gaming updates. Good luck on the field of battle!

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