Beyond Good And Evil 2 Stream Happening Tomorrow, Here’s When!

Ubisoft CEO

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was the surprise announcement years in the making. Fans were stoked to find out that the PS2 classic was making its way into this generation with an all new narrative and stunning visuals. For those looking forward to more information about what the next phase in the storyline might be, there’s good news! The developing team will be hosting a livestream event in honor of the upcoming game on December 7th, right before The Video Game Awards!

The stream will be available to watch on the Space Monkey Report on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. The festivities begin at noon eastern time for those interested! To get even more amped, this is what Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel had to say about the upcoming game earlier this year:

We are ecstatic about the possibility to really come with something totally different from what was done before. Michel is really creating a new engine for that game, and his ambition is just, you know, it’s just high. I would say very high. So we think we are going to be able to create something that will be outstanding.

If we were to make Beyond Good & Evil 2 at some point we needed something very, very big. For years and years we thought about it, but … the game had to be enormous. It had to be in space, it had to be with planets, it had to be. So we created this technology called Voyager that’s enabled us at least to get this feeling of travelling in space, going from one planet to another, to go from your ship to a bigger ship, to go out of your ship and be a normal person. That’s the technology we’ve been working on for three years.”

December 7th is going to be a huge day in gaming news. We’ll be covering The Game Awards live this year, so stay tuned with us here at DFTG for live coverage! For 24 hour gaming news, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter to stay in the know no matter what the hour.

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