Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Only Just Beginning – “Day Zero of Development”

Beyond Good and Evil 2

With another E3 in the books, many fans have a plethora of games to begin saving for. One such title is the long-awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2. Gamers have been requesting the game for nearly 15 years, and just at the end of Ubisoft’s presentation, many dreams became reality. After the gorgeous CGI teaser trailer had finished, creator Michel Ancel and narrative director Gabrielle Shrager took to the stage to confirm that what fans had just witnessed was in fact real. It was also at this time that they disclosed a few details about the game. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will serve as a prequel to the first title, taking place in System 3 and before the birth of Jade, the protagonist from the original game.

However, one thing that was noticeably missing was a release date. There wasn’t even a window offered up, which only could have meant that the 15 year wait was likely going to be even longer. Thanks to a recent interview with The Verge, Ancel has indeed confirmed that the game is very early on. Actually, to use his words, it’s currently at “day zero of development”. That probably stings a little for those who have been waiting for so long, but it isn’t without reason. Ubisoft Montpellier has actually been using the past three years to develop a solar system simulation tool that powers the game.

When you don’t have this technology, you can’t really start the game,” Ancel explains. “It’s too difficult. But now we can say for sure that we will make this game, we’ll finish it. Because we have the technology for it.”

Some gamers may remember the sequel that was announced back in 2008, but that has since been tucked away somewhere to focus on the prequel instead. There’s no harm in that – it just means the wait time becomes longer. However, it may be safe to assume that fans want them to get this right, so take all the time you need, Michel and team.

What say you, gamers? How does knowing the wait just became even longer make you feel? Considering it has been over a decade since the first title, will a couple more years really matter? Are you glad that they decided to go down the prequel route, or would you have rather seen a sequel happen? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7.

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