Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Video Game And Anime Hobbyists

There are a LOT of monthly subscription boxes out there and available for pretty much any fandom or hobby imaginable. From global snack samples for you foodies out there, bath bombs, cosmetics, and clothes. There are even ones curated especially for dogs and cats. As a matter of fact, there are no shortage of crates available for geeks, gamers, and anime fandoms either. So, why not provide some of our favorites in one go?

After taking a gander at the list of monthly subscription boxes below, let us know which one you like or can’t wait to try out! If you need community suggestions, make sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter! Without further ado, here’s what we recommend:


Akibento is the absolutely perfect one for fans of anime and manga, curating a box of gear and merchandise with a theme! Subscribers receive 5-7 “epic” items like graphic t-shirts, figurines, stickers, and various other items that would be fun to collect. They may even provide themed home goods, tumblers, or glasses. It entirely depends on what they can get their hands on, but it certainly won’t disappoint true anime fans.

For the month of April 2018, the theme is Fable and that’s not to be mistaken for the Fable video game. This box namely features Re: Zero, Konosuba, and Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? – all for a fantasy themed experience. Who knows what kind of merchandise the Akibento team have in store this time?

Japan Crate

This one is pretty widely known, but they offer a variety of themed monthly subscription boxes based on original Japanese products, food, snacks, and merchandise. There are three different versions, you can buy. The Premium Japan Crate assembles 15 different candies and snacks, which includes drinks for $30 each month. Since Japanese snacks are somewhat popular in particular regions in the West, some of the selections may look familiar (i.e. Pocky, various Kit Kat flavors, Calbee brand snacks, and so on). Since there’s such a wide array of snacks, there’s bound to be quite a few you’ve never tried before.

Then there’s the Doki Doki and Kira Kira crate, both of which are onomatopoeias for a heartbeat and sparkle/glitter effect respectively. The first mention is all about cutesy and totally “kawaii” merchandise, boasting 5-6 items that range from home goods, clothing, plushies, accessories, and more. They begin at $30 each month as well. Kira Kira on the other hand provides full-sized beauty and cosmetic products from Japan for $29.00 each.

And then there’s the Umai crate, which is an exclamatory word that describes a personal fascination or awe at an act. It’s often used to describe how delicious food is. This $25.00 subscription box provides 7-8 “premium quality noodles” of various styles like soba, ramen, yakisoba, and udon. Lastly, each subscriber of any of their themed boxes have a chance to win an exclusive “Sugoi Crate”, which typically follows a theme. For the month of March, it’s all about iconic anime characters like Luffy, Pikachu, Kirby and many others!

Loot Crate

Of course, one can’t simply forget Loot Crate, which offers a mighty fine selection of boxes based on TV, gaming, and pop culture fandoms. They’ve even got one for sports fanatics too! If there’s a love you need satisfied, they probably have it in some way shape or form. Yes, they even have an anime and Sanrio themed version. It would get too wordy attempting to describe each and every one of them, but here’s the gist: they have their basic subscription, DX, anime, Sanrio, Fallout, God of War, Halo, Gaming, Harry Potter, Firefly, WWE Slam, Marvel, Star Trek, and a plethora of apparel types.

Their regular Loot Crate features a variety of different franchises crammed into one box. For March, members will see The Legend of Zelda, The Dark Crystal, Lord of the Rings, and many others that fit the chosen theme – Artifact. Previous themes have included: kingdom, animation, alter-ego, fantasy, and guardians among others. These monthly subscription boxes are priced at $19.99 a month; others will vary.

Retro Game Treasure

The name of this retro gamer’s paradise is pretty self-explanatory in that it offers its members three to five formerly glorious titles to your glorious collection. Whether you recently got or still have your hands on a classic Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color, or what have you – the team here has you covered. Each box is hand-selected to match your personal and select preferences like console and genre. Don’t want a duplicate of a game you already own? Inform the curators of that as well.

Aside from the aforementioned consoles, Retro Game Treasure also provides awesome old-school gameage for SNES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, Game Gear, PlayStation 1 and 2, Gamecube, the original Xbox, Dreamcast, Sega CD, Nintendo DS, Wii, and finally PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Monthly subscription boxes start at $29.99 and can be purchased in bulk by 3, 5, or 12 months. There are three easy steps to finding your perfect retro match: select game preferences and consoles, RGT builds subscribers a “treasure chest”, and play! Now, if you’re missing the old-school console of your dreams, Retro Game Treasure hosts a convenient shop on their website to do just that. They even have the Retron series.

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