atari vcs

Atari VCS 800 PC And Console Hybrid Price Revealed

From the announcement of Atari-themed gaming hotels to a wide variety of miniature retro consoles on the market, there’s a huge market for nostalgia and that includes almost anything from…

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atari vcs

Atari Partners With Antstream Arcade To Deliver Thousands Of Retro Games

Earlier this year, Atari announced a major delay for the launch of their miniature console. As an amped up, modern version of the classic platform, the Atari VCS obliterated its…

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N. Sane Trilogy Xbox One activision

Activision Teases More Remastered Game Announcements

When it comes to remastering older games, it can be a tricky balance catering to older fans while simultaneously striking gold with new ones. With current video game development technology,…

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The Commodore 64 Full Retro Release Arrives This December (VIDEO)

In October of last year, The C64 Mini made its debut, offering fans of the renown home computer a chance to get a new and improved version in miniature. However,…

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ARGcast #147: Sega Saturn with "The Immortal" John Hancock

ARGcast: Sega Saturn with “The Immortal” John Hancock (PODCAST)

Game collector “The Immortal” John Hancock from MetalJesusRocks joins us to chat about the Sega Saturn, its game library, and YOUR favorite memories! Saturn fans, unite! “The Immortal” John Hancock…

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SimCity NES

SimCity NES Prototype Rediscovered 27 Years Later

The first SimCity launched in 1989 to unexpected financial and critical acclaim. By 1992, the title had sold over one million copies and garnered more than 20 international awards. In…

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ARGcast #141: Celebrating DOOM and Dusk with Dave Oshry

ARGcast: Celebrating DOOM and Dusk with Dave Oshry (PODCAST)

Rip and tear with us and returning guest Dave Oshry of New Blood to talk about the release of his retro FPS Dusk and celebrate 25 years of DOOM! Merry…

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Nintendo Filed a New Game Boy Patent, See Details Here

Console revivals have become one of the cooler new trends in gaming, and Nintendo has led the way. A new patent indicates the company is looking at an inventive new…

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Commodore 64 Mini Heading To North America This Fall (VIDEO)

From designer and creator, Retro Games, Ltd., the Commodore 64 Mini is an updated and reinvented version of the classic home computer manufactured and developed in the 80s makes a…

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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Video Game And Anime Hobbyists

There are a LOT of monthly subscription boxes out there and available for pretty much any fandom or hobby imaginable. From global snack samples for you foodies out there, bath…

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