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Overwatch Moonbase Map

With Overwatch’s Anniversary Event now live, players are currently scrambling around trying to obtain as many loot crates as...

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Final Fantasy 15 Update

Square Enix has revealed the details behind the latest Final Fantasy 15 update which is now live and available...

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Hitman developer

There are tough times ahead for the folks over at Hitman developer IO Interactive. The Danish game studio took...

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Final Fantasy 16

With Square Enix scoring a much needed win for the Final Fantasy series with the massively successful Final Fantasy XV, it...

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Blizzard's Platform

Ever since’s launch in 1996 alongside the release of Diablo, Blizzard has used the platform to perpetuate player...

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Titan Souls

Amazon is once again making it even more enticing to purchase a subscription to their premium service, Amazon Prime. They’re offering...

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Chroma Squad

After having spent the past two years building up a loyal fan base on Steam, the Power Rangers-inspired tactical RPG...

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Guardians 2 viewer sues

With Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 proving to be just as fun and entertaining of a movie as...

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After spending a week on the Heroes of The Storm PTR (Public Test Realm), Overwatch’s D.Va has finally arrived on...

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ZeniMax suing Samsung

Having just come off of a successful lawsuit (which you can read the full court proceedings here) filed against...

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