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Noctis joins TEKKEN 7

If you were to list a few things that you wouldn’t expect to happen in the world of video...

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Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur 6 rumor

Gamers that have been waiting for the next entries in the much-loved Devil May Cry and Soul Calibur series may be...

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L.A. Noire VR

The decade of L.A. Noire continues as Rockstar Games reintroduce the six year-old title to new fans using the latest...

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GameStop Deals

As the holiday season slowly creeps up on us, so too do the seemingly never-ending barrage of time-sensitive deals...

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PlayStation App Redesigned

After a rather ugly adolescent period on both the Google Play and Apple App store, the PlayStation App has...

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Golbez confirmed for Dissidia NT

In a rather unsurprising move by Square Enix, the Japanese publisher has announced that Final Fantasy IV’s Golbez is...

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Duffer Bros. discuss Stranger Things Season 3

It looks like our favorite group of kids from fictional Hawkins, Indiana may be getting some much needed R&R...

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New Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Release Date Announced

Fans looking forward to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Comrades multiplayer expansion were saddened to hear last month that Square...

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Overwatch Animated Shorts

Many a gamer shed a few tears while watching Blizzard’s latest Overwatch animated short, “Honor and Glory”. The animated short...

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Cheating tends to be an issue in many multiplayer games, especially in up-and-coming titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. From wall hacks...

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