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LA Noire Remaster

Get ready to don that detective hat once more because Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the 2011 game LA Noire will...

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Resident Evil Revelations release

Nintendo Switch owners, get ready to get your “spoop” on this November because the Resident Evil Revelations double-packaged deal...

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In a recent video, NBA 2K18 highlighted a new feature coming to their newest release of the franchise. The...

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Tom Clancy's: The Division

For over a month, Ubisoft‘s studio Massive Entertainment has had Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Tom Clancy’s:...

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Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

Serious Sam is a series that we have seen since 2001 with the development of Serious Sam: First Encounter,...

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Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an upcoming MMO that expands through multiple galaxies and allows you to take charge of many...

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The team at Particle City have announced via the Titanfall: Frontline Facebook page that they will be shutting down the...

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Friday the 13th is a franchise that most of have grown up with. The fear of Jason Voorhees walking...

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No Man's Sky

In November 25th’s development update from Hello Games, the team discussed what they have been up to as of...

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Blizzcon 2016 was an amazing time for numerous reasons, especially some of the big news we got from the team at Blizzard...

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