Atari Debunks Claims That Soulja Boy Owns The Company

Atari Debunks Claims That Soulja Boy Owns The Company

The gaming industry has many larger than life individuals at the top, but sometimes it has also enticed outsider celebrities to attempt ventures in the business to varying success. Perhaps no celebrity has held a strange and eccentric presence in the gaming business as rapper Soulja Boy, who just a few years ago made headlines for attempting to sell what were essentially bootleg gaming consoles with his name on them. Nintendo made a point to file charges against Soulja Boy for the bootleg devices, and now it seems that recent Soulja Boy comments have led to a similar retaliatory response from Atari.

Rapper Soulja Boy recently made an odd tirade on his official Instagram account livestream recently, shared on Twitter by THHGURU. In the Instagram live, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) states that Atari signed him to a deal. He suggests that this deal made Soulja Boy the owner of the company, and that he intends to make changes to the company to “take them to the next level.” The rapper also suggests that Atari was impressed with his bootleg Soulja Boy video game consoles.

After these Soulja Boy comments went somewhat viral, Atari quickly responded to help debunk the rapper’s claims. On their official Twitter account, Atari subtly acknowledge’s the odd livestream and claims that their real CEO Wade Rosen has not been removed from his position as owner of the company. This would seem to shut down Soulja Boy’s claims of ownership, though some suspect this will not put an end to the rapper’s warped sense of perception. While Atari is still a shell of their former titan selves, it sure would be interesting to see if Soulja Boy could turn their fortunes around. Or Crank Dat fortune around, rather.

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