Assassin’s Creed Creator Apologizes For Making You Climb All Those Towers

Assassin's Creed Creator Apologizes For Making You Climb All Those Towers

There are more than a few consistent things in video games that gamers have come to rely on over the years. Things like chocobos, save points, and constantly reloading despite absolutely not needing to have all become video game staples. One such staple that has become a bit more divisive over the past few years is the act of tower climbing, something the Assassin’s Creed franchise kicked off in the original game.

Ever since protagonist Altair was tasked with climbing towers to remove the fog from different portions of the map, this trend has permeated throughout various other gaming series over the years, oftentimes coming up with more interesting and inventive new ways to get you to do essentially the same thing over and over for the sake of map completion. Now, the Assassin’s Creed creator himself Patrice Désilets has opened up about how he feels about being “the Assassin’s Creed guy” and how sorry he is for kicking off the tower-climbing trend.

In a recent interview with the folks over at Destructoid, Désilets was asked if he felt as if he was stuck as “the Assassin’s Creed guy.” “I dunno man! Honestly, I don’t know,” he replied, laughing. “A little bit! If you’re going to spend years on something I hope that happens. Breath of the Wild, wow! That was a game where you could do anything, once you finished the first half hour or so.”

Now, you’re going to just climb towers and unfog the rest of the map. Sorry…it’s my fault…”

Regardless of his former ties to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Désilets is now operating under his new studio, Panache Digital Games.

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