‘Amnesia’ Developer Teases Big Announcement Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Amnesia Devs Tease Big Announcement Coming Soon (VIDEO)

The folks at Frictional Games – developers of the acclaimed Amnesia and SOMA series – have been pretty busy marketing their previously announced Amnesia Collection for the PlayStation 4.  The collection includes all three Amnesia games: The Dark Descent, Justine, and A Machine for Pigs, with the collection as a whole marking the first time the series has come to consoles. Many fans might be wondering “Hey, is this coming to Xbox One?” Well, Frictional shared an update recently via Twitter shedding a little bit of light on that subject:

For reference, the PlayStation 4 version of the Amnesia Collection is currently available for purchase. That said, the “not yet” and promise of something special seems a bit odd.  Having both of those announcements timed together prompts certain questions regarding whether or not we’ll see any news about a new game from Frictional, or perhaps something exclusive to the Xbox One version of the collection.

For those unaware, the developer announced two years ago that due to the huge success of SOMA and its Amnesia franchise they will be developing two new projects in tandem.  Given that we haven’t heard much more about these projects since 2016, one would think that this special treat would be some kind of teaser for a new game.

The Amnesia and SOMA series are very inspirational for the current landscape of horror games favoring a hide and run style of survival horror, as opposed to the empowering gunplay found in games like the later Resident Evil games, RE7 being the exception.  We’ll see what comes next when Frictional reveals more on September 7th.

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