10 Minutes of Blair Witch Gameplay Footage Confirms That You Can Pet The Dog (VIDEO)

Blair Witch Gameplay

The horror genre has seen something of a return to form in the video game industry in recent years. Thanks to the rise of platforms for indie gamers and live-streams providing opportunities to watch unwitting participants scream their heads off, horror video games like Amnesia and Resident Evil VII have proven what true spooky experiences games can be. Despite this, it still surprised gamers at E3 earlier this year when a new game based on The Blair Witch Project films was announced. Now, ten minutes of new Blair Witch gameplay footage has been revealed, showing key elements making a return.

As seen on GameInformer’s official YouTube channel, a new Blair Witch gameplay video has been released giving a new ten minute look at the game. The gamplay footage starts with player character Ellis, a former police officer in 1996, beginning his journey into the mysterious woods in search of a missing child. Joining Ellis is his trusty canine companion, Bullet, whom players can build a trusting relationship with as the game progresses. And thank developer Bloober Team for confirming in this video that you can indeed pet the dog in this game.


The gameplay footage also shows the objects that will be crucial to completing the game, such as the flashlight, which can be used to drive out and blind hostile enemies. There’s also a walkie talkie that will let the player gather information from characters in the outside world, as well as the series’ signature camcorder. Hopefully though, Ellis’s time in the woods does not end up with him missing and only remembered through the found footage on said camcorder. Or even worse, they try to replicate that footage a second time and completely miss why the first time was so great. What do you guys think about this Blair Witch gameplay video? Let us know in the comments below!

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