Blair Witch Game Length

Blair Witch Game Length Comes In Under 10 Hours

Only a few days remain before Bloober Team releases their adventure set in the Blair Witch universe created by the film franchise. With a new experience set to be featured,…

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Blair Witch

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Brings Us To Black Hills Forest (VIDEO)

We are a month out from the release of Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, and we are getting down to the gritty details of what we can look forward to. Taking…

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Blair Witch Gameplay

10 Minutes of Blair Witch Gameplay Footage Confirms That You Can Pet The Dog (VIDEO)

The horror genre has seen something of a return to form in the video game industry in recent years. Thanks to the rise of platforms for indie gamers and live-streams…

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August 2019: Every Game And DLC Releasing (VIDEO)

August 2019: Every Game And DLC Releasing (UPDATED)

The month of August is closely approaching and the weeks ahead are looking mighty fun based on the mountain of video game goodness on the horizon. Though not as packed…

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Blair Witch Game Will Feature Time Loops And Combat

The Blair Witch Project is arguably a renown cult classic of the 90s, a supernatural horror movie from a series of three feature films that follows the mysterious disappearances of…

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