Wild West Online Early Access Coming Soon – Full Release Expected This Year

Wild West Online‘s early access is on its way and the much-anticipated title from 612 Games is looking to make a big impact in the MMO world. The servers will be going live this month and will be staying that way 24/7 to kick off the second alpha release for this title. Those looking for a multiplayer, wild west action adventure needn’t look any further than here.

There will be two public events and player versus player combat in the Wild West Online early access alpha. Players will get to experience 100 quests with 20 different guns modeled after historic weapons from the era. Along the way, users can also unlock new gear for their character, hunt animals, upgrade their horses, and mine precious gold.

Wild West Online early access

Wild West Online‘s early access will also feature the ability to claim land for later construction of a homestead in the game. In terms of the public events, players will be able to go on an Artifact Hunt and participate in something called “Golden Road” (the details of which are yet unknown). While it doesn’t seem included in the Alpha, participants can anticipate an attack and defend style game in which players will either raid or protect a train car filled with gold.

Overall, the game is looking to be fun and exciting for those interested in joining the ranks. Players can get in on the Wild West Online early access now by purchasing a copy of the game here, which starts at $29.99. The early access alpha test (the second of its kind) will be available on November 15th with a full release expected sometime this year.

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