Wild West Online Early Access Coming Soon – Full Release Expected This Year

Wild West Online‘s early access is on its way and the much-anticipated title from 612 Games is looking to make a big impact in the MMO world. The servers will be…

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612 Games’ MMO Wild West Online Closed Alpha Testing Begins Next Month

The Red Dead Redemption-like MMO that’s taking the gaming world by storm is preparing for a vital stage in game development. 612 Games’ Wild West Online closed alpha testing begins…

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Brand New Wild West Online Video Shows Off Beautiful Environmentals, Gameplay, and More (VIDEO)

The PC western title making waves just dropped a band new video today to show off just what Wild West Online has to offer. A little combat is touched on…

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Wild West Online MMO

Wild West Online MMO Dev Talks Features, Beta, and Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay

The Wild West Online MMO has had an interesting buildup leading up to today. Beginning with a leaked image that was thought to be for Red Dead Redemption 2, to the…

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Wild West Online Developers Announce Big Change in Plans

Wild West Online has caused an obscene amount of uproar in the gaming community in the past couple weeks and there’s very good reason for it too. An MMO (massive…

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Wild West Online

Wild West Online – An MMO to Fuel Your 19th Century Fantasies

A new MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) is on the horizon, but instead of the medieval fantasy or futuristic sci-fi setting, Wild West Online takes players to the early days of the American…

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