Vampyr Devs Explain Their Reasoning Behind Only One Save Slot


Fans have been a bit on the fence with DONTNOD’S decision to include only one save in their upcoming title Vampyr. The idea that players can only save once is definitely a game changer, and some feel the decision is unfair. According to the developer, however, the decision was made with careful deliberation.

Vampyr is a narrative-driven game whose story is influenced by player choice. In many games like it players have had the ability to save before a big decision, see the outcome, and then decide if they want to continue. DONTNOD feels this style of play creates an imbalance, and that player choice isn’t as meaningful:

Players do not manually control saves, beyond having three slots for three separate campaigns. This means that all decisions are permanent – players will need to think through their options carefully with no ‘safety net’ to fall back on!”

While some may find this to be unfair, the concept actually makes sense. With this genre gaining major popularity in games like Life is Strange, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and Batman: The Telltale Series, developers are looking for ways to create more authentic experiences. When players are required to think carefully about their choices with no “take backsies”, like in Vampyr, the result is ultimately a more realistic experience.

Those concerned about corrupted saves need not worry too much as the company stated in an email to COGconnected, they have a backup system in place. With 15 to 20 hours of planned story and more time for side quests, players will have the ability to affect the world in meaningful ways if they think (or don’t) about their actions. killable NPC’s and more make the game one where a player’s every move could change anything and everything. Vampyr launches June 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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